Riverside Asphalt Services a Woman’s Business Enterprise (WBE)

We are a State of Massachusetts women-owned businesses certified through the state of Massachusetts. The certification must be with a third party that establishes the company does comply with the program’s intent. We are certified here in the state of Massachusetts through what was the SOMWBA Agency.

The current organization that does the certification is now called the Supplier Diversity Office (SDO). It is the organization the state of Massachusetts has set up to determine that state contractors meet the requirements of the state statutes and regulations to be eligible for work on state and local projects that call for certified business diversity on a construction project.

As a Women’s Business Enterprise, we are eligible for work were federal contracts set aside funding for projects promote diversity on construction projects. The following are the requirements that the state has set that we meet. They are as follows:

  • A woman owned and managed business and controls at least 51.0% of the business.
  • Owned by a woman who is a U.S. citizen.
  • Doreen the owner must serve as President.
  • As a woman owner, she has ownership and officer position for at least six months and as the woman owner she is active in daily management.
  • We take this certification as important because it opens up possible business development opportunities and gives us access to new markets and contracts.
  • This is required for contractors that have work that requires they participate in programs which require utilization and tracking of woman-owned businesses, such as corporate supplier diversity programs or federal procurement programs.

Having the state WBE Certification is the way that purchasing agents know that we fully meet the requirements of this program. So, if a project requires it you can have confidence that in fact we are a woman-owned.

We are a (WBE) contractor doing asphalt emulsion application work here in the state of Massachusetts for asphalt overlay projects in the state. If you are a publicly held corporation or as well as larger private corporations, that tracks and/or have programs for doing business with women business owners we are a valid option for these programs.

To verify our standing here is the the link for the Women Business Enterprise (WBE) directory and the list can be downloaded.

Our Description of Services With the State of Massachusetts

The following is our description is “Sale, Transportation and Application of Liquid Asphalt; Crack Filling and Seal Coating including Liquid Petroleum Products.” We have been registered with the state since July 21st 2011. We regularly work for paving contractors as well as heavy and highway contractors.

Specifically, a little more information on our services that would apply to this classification are the following services. From the rest of the site you can see we Apply various formulations of RS-1 tack coat through our distributor trucks. We also do hot applied crack sealing that conforms to all state specifications. We do chip sealing that has been applied on may state and federal parks projects, paths and driveways. So if you have a project that may meet this situation please contact us

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