Tack Wagon Rentals

No investment, speed up the job

250 Gallon Tack Wagon Rentals

Tack wagon rentals are now available. We know that paving contractors need flexibility based on the jobs they get or want to bid on. With our tack trailer rentals, pavers can avoid the capitol expense of buying a trailer that they do not use a lot. For the right job, a tack wagon makes a lot of sense. You can bid on more jobs and do larger jobs more efficiently. Our tack wagon rentals are a reliable, short-term, cost-effective solution to getting medium volumes of tack applied fast.

The Equipment

We have standardized on LeeBoy 250-gallon tack wagons. This way we have standardized parts to back up the equipment and you have enough material on the job to do a good-sized job. After every rental the equipment is cleaned up and checked over. These trailers are loaded with RS-1 asphalt emulsion. The trailer is a good way to store what you need with out having to open and pour large volumes of 5 gallon pails into the trailer or on the work area.

Hand Work

For hand detailing of small areas or utility, cut edges there is the hand spray wand. The spray wand is 6 feet long with handles that are not hot.  The hose real holds up to 40 feet of hose so that you can get those hard to reach places without having to carry it in buckets and hand apply the tack. The temperature gauge will monitor the material temperatures so you can keep it in a safe range.

Cab Controls

Cab mounted remote spray bar control is available. With this larger area, one person can drive and control the application of tack for long utility repairs or parking lot overlay projects or any other type of long stretches to be paved.



Tack Wagon

The Amount You Need

Being a tack coat supplier, we also load the trailer with hot RS-1 tack coat so that you renting the equipment are ready to go when they get to the job. Based on how much is needed that is how much we will load for you. If the volumes are over 250 gallons we can also supply 250 Gallon totes in your truck, so the job can be resupplied at the job site.

A tack Coat supplier

Riverside Asphalt is an asphalt emulsion dealer and distributor. Our primary business is to supply the local overlay contractors with tack trucks for road projects and large parking lots where a single axle truck will fit and the volume of tack to be used warrants the cost per hour for the truck. We fully know that there are any number of circumstances were it just would be too expensive for the truck and the volume of tack needed is too low to offset the costs of being there. Our tack distributor trucks are 2,000 and 3,000-gallon trucks with a driver to apply volumes of material. We do not want to do jobs were the equipment is too expensive to be there with driver / operator to be on the job. Now you get it done with your own people

Our Tack

Tip Top Tack Coat is a fresh undiluted RS-1 asphalt emulsion that is the “Best By Test”. Anyone that works with tack knows that the material had to be fresh and turned over frequently. That is how we handle our product. We buy from the highest quality suppliers so that it meets and exceeds state specifications and you get what you expect. No games with dilution. Any emulsion will settle out over time and we turn over our loads of asphalt weekly. For years we have been handling this material and know the ins and outs for what has to be done to supply a quality product if it is in pails, pallets of pails, loaded in a trailer or in totes you get the right stuff.

Ready To Go

When you pick up the rental trailer we load hot emulsion in the trailer, so you have the right quantity of tack for your job. When you get to the job it is ready to spray.

Operation Instruction

Prior to leaving our yard we go over the equipment and instruct the operator on how to use it, what valves to open and when. General safety is discussed to help try and prevent any problems. It is up to the user to do the right thing. Everything is labeled to prevent operator error.

One Stop Shopping for Tack

We supply one-stop shopping for your tack coat needs. If an equipment dealer handled rentals you would have then you would have to go find a tack coat supplier. It would probably have to be loaded from 5 gallons pails then wait to heat the tack so it will break the right way prior to paving.  Then you would have to figure out how to run the equipment because at the dealer yard the sales guy is not going to get his hands dirty and probably never worked with tack before. We have been using tack application equipment for years and understand what is going on.

Call Paul

If you have a project coming up give us a call for availability and any questions you may have.  Call Paul at 781-254-2773

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