Asphalt emulsions represent the mainstay of our business operations. Whether being transported, applied to an apshalt surface, or being packaged in small quantities for sale, we pride ourselves in the knowledge of the poper care, handling, storage, and correct use of emulsions. All emulsions utilized by Riverside Asphalt Services are thoroughly tested and meet or exceed federal and state standards and specifications.

How emulsions are made

To make two materials mix together and stay mixed together that do not naturally mix an emulsion needs to be created. The emulsion over comes the “natural” tendancieses for the two materials to seperate if they are not modified. So the modifications to keep asphalt cement suspended in water is done by creating changes in the material. The first step is to make the asphalt particles very small. It is sort of like rocks is a river compaired to sand in a river. The rocks will not be carried by water unless the river is really rushing. The sand will get moved more with increased velocity of the water. With tack coat it needs to be stored and can not be continously stired. So physically the asphalt cement is ground into exceptionally small particles by using a colloidal mill. The collodial mill is set up like a meat grinder to produce a set particle size that is know to be small enough to create the emulsion. There is not a metal grate like a meat grinder. To get small enough it is done by creating a hydraulic shear. This shear is created by a fast rotator spinning against a slower spinnig stator. The pressures created works to make the particles smaller untill they can get out of the system at the required size. Then science is included to keep the particles from settling out of the solution.

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