RS-1 tack coat asphalt emulsion in Bulk, Totes, Pails

Riverside Asphalt Services markets liquid asphalts and asphalt emulsions in various quantities. Options range from 8,500 gallon trailer load quantities to five (5) gallon pails, along with totes and stationary bulk tanks on site.

Tack Trailers Filled

Contractors who do random patch repairs and smaller pavement projects compaired to highway overlay projects can get trailers filled for their projects and have material availale when and were they need it. This service does require some schedualing but is a more economical than filling a trailer from 5 gallon pails.

When loading from our trucks it is easier than opening then lifting all the pails to dump then into the trailer. It is no thing to take lighlty and the other thing is often the tack is already hot so if it is to be used immediatly the time to heat it up is eliminated. The other well known fact is the less tack is handled the less likely it is to get on clothes, gloves or shoes that can be transfered to the wrong places.

Tack RS-1 in 5 gallon pails

Locally any amount of tack in 5 gallon pails is available. From a single pail to a full pallet of pails is no problem. When shipping and delivery of pails is involved the minimum amount sold goes up to offset the cost of shipping so it is economical. A single five gallon pail of tack can be shipped it just gets expensive per pail. Any questions at all on this please give us a call and we would be happy to work out the details

Pallets of tac ready for shipping

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